Who stole your joy?

Who stole your joy?

That spark of life, the mystery of discovery, the unrestricted imagination, and the time spent in wonder, the fun, laughter and smile. Where have all things gone?

“They” took it from you right?

The rent or mortgage that needs paying

The work for the food required to live

The fear of interacting with others

The pressure abounding everywhere in this modern world

Getting to work on time

Feeding the kids

Always having to be somewhere, or somewhere else.

Those that bullied and picked on.

Those that perhaps didn’t love as expected.

These thieves and many more are the cuprites for sure, it seems.

And yet upon reflection who really allowed all this to overtake?

Might it be you all along that had this freedom of choice? To let, whatever it is in, to place heavy weight upon your shoulders and at time seemingly burying or suffocating you under the pressure.

So exactly how far away from you is your joy for life, the laughter and mystery from years gone by.

Only as far as your next choice. For none need weight you down if you decide.


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