When I was born, I started to die

When I was born, I started to die

From that moment on, a life full of possibility, joy, discomfort, love, adventure and discovery awaited. My choices, my learnings, selected from almost an infinite array of twists and turns which direction was mine?

Will I love, marry, have kids, bond with a soul mate, spend my life slapping others, using intent not pure? Will I laugh, cry, scream or shout? Will I live and let live, lend a hand when called to, listen to the universe and nature or live denying my roots?

Will I be inspired, or be inspiring to others?

Will I take this thing called life, this great miracle gift given, and learn about myself, what makes me tic, what I need pick up and put down?

Do not let yourself be distracted by all the noise that abounds.

Be inspiring in your own way, where no one else can see. Make the effort to invest in yourself, your home, so that others may still be able to enjoy all that is before you.

Find those moments that are truly yours. Learn first to share them with yourself. The change you seek can only come from you.

But perhaps and maybe most of all will I be honest with myself and leave this place called home, in a better state than before my arrival? Repaying in kind the miracle of the gift given. Leaving for those coming sometime better than before your arrival.


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