Is this the best we can do, really?

Is this the best we can do, really?

• Poverty murdering millions, yet Defence budgets seem endless.

• Peak Oil. (Youtube “collapse” if unsure)

• Oceans, dying under the weight of pollution.

• Fukushima killing all before, yes even now.

• Hydrocarbon consumption just insane.

• Use once, throw away everything.

• Water wars well underway.

• Our soils becoming more and more toxic.

• Failure at a device level built right in.

• Our kids being “educated” for no net gain.

• Fear and greed in society, it seems, built right into the core.

• Lives completely consumed just to pay for existing.

• Technology in many segments deliberately supressed

• Distraction so rampant it seems built right in. (its everywhere)

Yet when ….

• Did you decide to consume less, in every area of your life?

• Did you take the time to really research an interest area?

• Did you turn down the world (and maybe completely off), to start to listen to yourself?

• Did you take the time to work out how to love yourself?

• Did you consider someone else’s needs before yours?

• Did you stop and understand the beauty that still abounds.

• Did you create space in your life for you to live?

The turn in your life, is only as far away as your next choice. Right now just that next breath away.

The difference begins with you.


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