Have you ever stopped to examine what happens when you look at yourself via a reflection?

The first, to see the reflection you must stop, to look. It requires good quality focus and lack of movement to see the reflection at all. Otherwise all is lost.

The second is then how we look. Do we look just to see? Are we happy with what we see? What is our reaction to our reflection?

In the same way when things get tough, when engaged in heated situations do we take the time to stop and see what the lesson is for us? Do we take the time to see how we look from the other side? Do we examine why we react in the way we do?

To create great works of beauty: polished diamonds, carvings, and the like, the edges must be tooled. Sharp edges removed.

The raw material worked and crafted.

Do we destroy the opportunity for beauty by not stopping to truly take the time to understand the reflection?


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