Life it comes it goes, around and around we decide to go

Life it comes it goes, around and around we decide to go

Amazed constantly at the reflections shown.

Bright light, pure light shines constantly, without shadow.

Everyone gets, life, a full life, regardless of the time of life to experience all offered.

Constantly the light goes on and on. In this corner of the Universe and billions of others.

This light is everywhere.

Just outside of our attempts to hide from it.

For in the shadow we can remain turned off, not brave enough or too distracted to take first step.

It cares not whether we walk or not, how much we scream, shout, deny, how angry we make ourselves, good deed or bad, it just shines.

The light is pure; it needs no law or rule. No governance to obey, no harm caused, in need of nothing, pure.

The hardest walk to choose it is. To put down all every last drop, even this thing called yourself, and turn to walk freely towards yourself.

For on this journey nothing can accompany.

No one else can share your ride.

No material thing, wish or desire, for all need to be placed on the ground.

Sober, incredibly so, you must be to decide then to walk in this light.

A place of understanding to arrive, where no one else can reside.

Hard work, with sharp edges worn away, ready to be held against the grind stone, you must be.

To loose yet find the task to be.

The result step by step is the finest of polished gem that ever you did see.

Yet when all said and done, the light just shines.

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