Who are you today and tomorrow?

Who are you today and tomorrow

When you look at photos capturing that younger you, what is the discovery made?

What was that person thinking?

What was the form of the Universe discovered round at that time?

What hurt, joy, passion was that person carrying? (Just for fun, go get some old photos out and study what you remember of yourself when that photo was taken.)

In those moments is something much more powerful however.

In those moments was captured all that that person knew about the world.

He or she didn’t know what the next day, week, month or year was going to bring.

All they had was right up to that time, not more not less.

Now in the present what views have now changed, made 180 degrees from what they were back then?

What elements of the world have you put down and new picked up?

What thoughts no longer serve?

What attitudes changed?

My points in all these questions:

You are who you choose to be, right now, the very next second?

Like all things, things change and so do you.

So why be so quick to pass judgement on others, that like you are on a journey, unique to them just like you.

Equally it is your choose to carry with you those things, that are now so comfortable fit, that taking them off almost seems unnatural.

Yet that baggage you drag everywhere with you, into your conversations, that way you act around friends and family are all just that.

Your baggage that you are choosing to drag with you.

Harder it seems to put down, than constantly be crushed under each and every day.

And what, what of the future, like the photos of old, looking back twenty years from now, maybe you’ll see the same thing then.

A person who doesn’t know what you know now, yet the face still the same.

Put down the bags you carry, stop passing judgement over others even in your mind and get on with your journey, carrying at least as you can.

Put down those bags that weight down so heavy.

Ready for what new learning’s maybe in your path.

You are who you choose to be. You act how you choose to act.

Constantly changing.

You can literately be born again each day anew, if you decide to.

And then ask what mystery does tomorrow hold? How might you destroy the lessons by dragging with you, things that constantly change anyway?

Learn to obverse your life, rather than be weighted down in it.

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