Does it cost more to be angry or happy?

Trust yourself

Energy flows, it just does.

It doesn’t care whether it is you, or how you choose to use it, it just flows.

Whose choice is it to make you angry or happy?

At what cost is decision made.

At a cellular level, becoming angry, being in hate, physically and really, starts a process whereby cells release poison into your body.

Each and every time you get pissed off, angry or cause yourself to be in any state like this, you physically start to kill yourself.

Reinforcing behaviour along the way.

This has huge impacts upon Karma, spiritually and physically.

Not to mention that being in that state doesn’t actually hurt anyone else but yourself.

The person or thing you are mad at isn’t really impacted one bit.

The Energy just flows.

Happy, Grateful, Humble, Love and Fun, all go the other way.

You feel alive, ready, looking forward to each new day, with that sparkle in the eye.

Feeling good about yourself, you desire to live a good day and life.

The Energy just flows.

The Difference?, well that is up to you.

The Energy just flows.

You decide, and it probably costs the same in fact, to choose to be angry or happy.

In the split second you take to be angry at something, in the very same parcel of time you can choose to be happy.

The energy taken to make that choice, the same.

It isn’t anything ‘‘out there” that causes you to go one way or other, it is you.

And yet the Energy just flows.

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