The Standing Man / The Standing Women

The Standing Man / The Standing Women

A concept introduced to me in a movie watched recently caught my eye.

Whilst not really explored in the movie, more of a throw away actually. The Standing Man, as explored by me. Of course the same applies equally for the Standing Women.

The Standing Man / The Standing Women

Gentle yet incredibly strong. Stands for what is right in the world, without the need to strike. Part of community, yet equally comfortable to be his own person. Listens, listens intently before speaking. Thinks about those around, acts with honour to all who cross his path.

So incredibly strong and powerful yet hearts pours forth in the split second decision made. The inside guarded, protected, yet expansive and open beyond imagination. When committed more powerful than the mightiest flowing river. Soft, gentle and considerate.

Needs not add to the hate and anger in the world, chooses another path. Risen above the dross to own himself and yet vulnerable and open he his. Chooses his words with kindness and consideration. Has that special sparkle in the eye.

Naturally draws energy towards for the benefit of others. Seems to be in total control of his world, yet open to where the wind might blow. Needs no one’s validation to be who he already is. Yet learning changing always, with the journey before.

Committed to protect and honour what is considered right. Even to lay his own life down, if conviction made. No task too small or big. A servant really to the core.

Never in the spot light, will you see. Yet the foundation of incredible change, in the middle, yet not.

A friend, the friend that all run to in times of need. Balanced and safe. Knowing that your sharing is secure and not judged.

Will a Standing Man you be?


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