Love considered thus

Love considered thus

First thought drifts maybe on the Love of a partner, parent, and sibling may land. Modern peaceful and perhaps safe where we naturally find the result of thought.

Upon God or the Divine might be where Soul drawn to reside. Where for you the meaning of Love might find first home. The soft, comfort gentle aspect of Love kept so close.

Yet Love has many layers, perhaps unpopular today to consider.

Love can be an extremely painful dark closet to unlock and discover.

For so deep so interwoven are the aspects, beyond human mind is the woven fabric that is Love. Much work, much painful self-discovery, much gentle but honest reflection, much hard work for those that commit, waits.

For this Love cuts deep, beyond flesh to the bone. Can wound the heart to very core fibre, ripping apart all concept of safety. It calls for the surrender of all held steadfast. The surrender of the known swapped instead for the completely unknown. To places that perhaps scare the most.

But wait such places, how can these possibly be descriptors of Love? Yet the question might be better cast, how Love be, without such depth and understanding? For perhaps Love without such angles is just as the mist in the morn.

For isn’t Love the place that causes silence, when listening is the only gift needed. That place where you don’t matter, but the gift given holds oh so much in the palm.

Isn’t Love, letting others make discoveries for themselves, without interference from you and your “right way”.

The Love with oh so much grace might gently guide another on their path, without destruction that before was so easy. Without agenda hidden from the source, you.

Love that calls into account honest perhaps raw discussion without destructive end in mind. Without the agenda to hurt or destroy, but instead replaced with desire to build up and create.

Upon reflected self, the Love that acknowledges yours is just another view upon on the world. Not necessarily better or worse than those around.

Gifted for reflections sake.

The Love that rests and is settled in this place without personal struggle. The place where personal conflict is a thing of the past, replaced instead with the Love that knows, that that is just enough.

Large enough Love that you have forgiven yourself for all those aspects of self-hate and loathing you have dragged with yourself for oh so long. This without Pride and Ego at the fore, replaced instead with just pure Love and Freedom.

These steps sober you must be to travel these roads. But the magic that Love reveals perhaps no other place we should be.

Will you walk this road? Discovering the Love that is this thing called Life, in ways oh so rich, is just before.

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