Peace, so where did the Peace go?

Peace, so where did the Peace go?

The world seems hooked on drugs of hate, lies, destruction, having to lock all things away for the fear of not being able to trust. Trust even for the next door neighbour.

The agendas from places unseen spewing forth distrust into our lives.

Each day the Peace eroded just gently, bit by bit, dissolved before our very eyes. Unless in the moment, paying attention you are, this poison invades and takes root in our lives. It pervasively spreads throughout on communities destroying much of what we know.

Replaced with Distrust, Fear, Greed, doubt about who you are and what you can do. Peace is gently vanished before our eyes.

Military machines of death stomping on families across the global. Police Forces morphing into martial law machines. Safety, “No you can’t Law” suffocating and limiting what we are told we can do and be.

Maybe unless understood, all appears lost.

Yet all of the above is a lie, deceit at the core.

For if we want community where Peace is the norm, it is upon us to start living this way today, in the very moment before.

For no one took away our right to decide. Instead of living in Fear we can choose instead to live building up the peace, so badly needed in this place.

Take deep breath, reach through all the programming that abounds and choose to build Peace around you today.

Lend a hand, cast a smile to a stranger, help out someone in need, choose to build up instead of staying numb or worse.

No one, not one person or thing around you can prevent you making a difference.

These decisions are your power.

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