Doors, lots and lots of doors

Doors, lots and lots of doors

Life, a journey defined individually by the environment one is born into. Affected by those of family and friends for sure. But most of all perhaps by the choices you make along the path.

Imagine your life’s journey as a massive corridor. Not always straight nor level, but a path to be walked none the less. This corridor however is completely filled with doors, seemingly crammed into each wall of the corridor.

As you take a step, a new decision arises, to open the door that is now close and step through. As you do, entered into a new corridor you have. It again presents endless choices of doors, to be explored and tested seemingly the same as the last.

But in this new corridor colours change, scale alters, kind of like you know something has changed because you stepped through a door.

Life – exactly the same.

Each choice you make takes you to a new experience of Life. New learning’s, some good, some maybe described as bad, but all constantly changing you as you walk. Within reason you make the path yours, with total freewill about your reactions, responses and places you choose to make investment in.

Equally valid, your choice not to open any doors and stay insulated from the lessons presented, staying instead safe in your one corridor. You can choose to stay in your one place, untouched by experiences and choices you are hiding from or blocking out of your Life.

No difference to the corridors of choice described earlier.

As you pass next time through doors anywhere, let this remind you of this example of article and example about Life.

Let it bring back into your conscious mind that is you deciding your path, by your actions, thoughts and responses to situations presented for your learning. Those you Love,

those you don’t, places you are approachable or not, and everything else is just another door, you are opening or closing.

Doors, remember the doors in your Life.

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