The real laws of this land.

The real laws of this land.

Before the nonsense of what are thought to be Law’s arrived, there are and always will be the real Law’s of this place.

“This place” defined as thus: Our home, the physical Earth. The Universe everything psychically in it. And yet more. Those things not seen, not heard (unless trained so). The vibrational energy that abounds, leaving no space untouched.

The bodies we all carry through every life. The Physical, the Astra, the Spiritual, and the others layered interconnected as they all are.

When thought drifts to what Laws these must be, perhaps Karma might arrive at the fore. Yes, Karma is a natural law, but not in the way portrayed today. Karma, Dharma and others are your teaching class room.

In which you learn, unlearn and balance many things, as a spiritual journey, each of us take. It isn’t a weapon, has nothing to do with hate, anger or vengeance.

For the sober read on.

You and I are all on a spiritual journey, whether we acknowledge it or not. With the single most important “job” if you like, being to develop and connect, reconnect and grow in the Divine. This has nothing to do with religion. This is a Law of Life, that is yours given each time born for experience you will be.

Life, all Life is in the Light. For in all light is all the energy, connection, power that could ever be needed. It always is, always was and always will be. This connection also resides in darkness. For darkness isn’t evil as programmed you have been. It’s just a natural place in balance with the light and natural Law as it’s always been.

As a species, man develops as thousands of other planets do. We have community Karma, Country Karma and planet Karma, all affected by each of our actions, all trying to teach us all different things. There are many thousands / millions of places across the Universe all doing what we are.

If man destroys our home, then that is our choice. No blame anywhere else can reside, for we choose our path in each and every moment. If we survive or destroy ourselves, our choice it has been. A Natural Law, of real evolution at play. It is extremely likely, that we have before and may again hit our own reset button. If we are lucky not to destroy our home “Earth”, this Planet of Sorrows, along the way.

You have already, given right at birth, all you need. Rich or poor, weak hungry or strong, we have all we need. Each of us has our own free will, our own connection to spirit, our own choices to make all the time. Each of us traveling on our individual journeys of education, lessons taught, learning to take on board, or not.

It is everyone’s choice (and right) to ignore and stay in the physical, caught up in all the noise that abounds. For this world, this current noisy, polluting, greedy world, must be

“Turned Off”, if begin you want to do.

Murder, War, Rape, Death by whatever means or suffering, abuse, bullying, Hate, sad in this world yes they all are. I wish none of them happen, and yet. And yet all are lessonsof Life, maybe even the Law of Life, that no one can step to the side.

“The Law, the Real Laws of this Place” care not for those things published and enforced. For these matter not to The Real Laws of this place.

There are many many Real Laws that are constantly at play. Not taught, not heard, yet they are still the same. Always constant, naturally in balance, they are the Real Laws of

Life in this place.


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