Distraction carefully baked right in

Distraction carefully baked right in

I’ll say it right off the bat. For me life is about learning. Learning the lessons I need to learn in the time provided. The one main aspect of this classroom, for me to consider: Why am I reacting in the way I am to what is happening around and to me?

It has nothing to do with good or bad, right or wrong, rich or poor, pretty or not, healthy or in some way not. “Fortunate” or not (but sure we have standards about what is ‘‘good” and ‘‘bad” of course).

Goes back to the old topic of Karma.

Stolen from another source:

‘‘Your reality is your perspective, and over time your perspective of yourself is going to change based on your memories of your past actions and intentions. This will project an identity of who you think you are, which will enhance or diminish your sense of self-worth.’’

One thing that is for sure is that who we are at the present moment is not who we will be in the future. As we live life and collect wisdom in our library of experience, we become more conscious of ourselves.

Whether we choose to use this ever growing consciousness to guide our actions is up to us (bearing in mind the consequences if we don’t). The simple awareness of your ego, past actions, and intentions gives you the freedom to carve a new destiny that will release you from your karma.

‘‘No matter what happened to you in your past, you are not your past, you are the resources and the capabilities you glean from it.

And that is the basis for all change.” – Jordan Belfort

If this is true, which is for me, I find a lot of truth in these words then, the following applies:

If you feel guilty about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel insecure about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel frustrated about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel angry about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel sad about something, that’s your karma.

Even with things that are not your fault and genuinely caused by circumstance, the way in which you handle them ultimately affects your karma. In life, there is only one direction…


Allowing your emotions and circumstances (no matter how hard) to hold you back from happiness is another form of karma. Self-survival and self-aggrandizement of the ego are the source of all karma. We have to allow ourselves to go through the process of what we need to feel, let them go, and then move on. The problem is that most people don’t move on.

But wait, hang on a minute, this article was about Distraction, at least that is what the heading said. What’s all this about Karma?

Well, good question actually. Your Karmic response to everything is actually trying to teach you things. If you give yourself the time to stop, sometimes only for a brief period, and notice why you are reacting in the manner you are. Life is at end of all a journey about learning for yourself.

But that still isn’t about distraction dude, get on with it will you.

Here is the kicker about distraction (finally), in this place we live distraction is built right in at every turn. For anything that distracts you, stops you being in the habit of being able to observe and learn from the journey is your enemy.


The news, the media, TV in general, spewing endless amounts of crap at us, to worry about: (TV, “Newspapers” which aren’t, The Internet, all those magazines, all that Junk mail, your favourite sports team). This list in today’s world I cannot exhaust.

The Officials: Politics’, Local Government, The “Police”, The “Law”.

For the record also I am not talking about living like mad people without some law or governance. But if we were all up right with each other, we would need a whole, whole lot less.

Currency, Global Trade, “The Markets”: distractions, of no substance whatsoever.

Commitments: Work, Education, Taxes, pressure, stress, worry, doubt.

Corporate: Everything

At lower levels, your Feelings: distractions, if you are not observing and learning from them, but rather letting them rule your life.

The list goes on. And yes, of course, we have to live, I am not saying don’t live your life, or not to enjoy your life. I am saying is watch out for the distractions, that so cleverly take you away from learning, through your karma, what you are to here to learn, for yourself.

For time is short.


PS Karma is not something that happens to the other guy cause he did something wrong. It is just not. Karma is yours, with you all the time, trying to teach you something. It’s not good or bad, it doesn’t care, it just tries to teach, if you dare.


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