The real New World Order comes.

The real New World Order comes.

New knowledge will be required. (well actually a return to those of old)

When things of current have destructed from the inside, proven wrong all along they will be. A new day, a new start waits. This will be on the other side of suffering, for the currency of today, will not go quietly.

But fear not all those who have the vision. Nature inserted, removed it cannot be, vision of the real dawning of the New World Order.

This order will be that, New World. An order made of the people, in whom much trust is given, much responsibility to bear. For all things current, swept away will be. This New World Order, so rooted in Nature, to remain steadfast for years to come.

In these days, teachers will teach exploration and imagination, not a world of law and control. Food will be locally sourced, wholesome and produced for the heathiest of result.

Products, made to last, the order of the day. Balanced in our home, our lives will be. Pollution, hatred, fear, all things of the past. Those things that today bind and control rusted in pieces on the floor.

For this New World Order will be a restart for the people, by the people, with souls being wholesome and good to each other. The real New World Order, with its roots deep in the Earth, will be the foundation of the new age, the new challenge for mankind to aspire to.

Many might not stand on that day, for the change larger than conceived, the journey does dictate.

But oh, for those that stand, stand to make this New World Order, such precious days await.


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