The New World Order – part 2

The real New World Order comes.

I wrote earlier providing a view on what might be ahead for society, should this current model fail. What wasn’t covered in that article was one major aspect. And before this gets fired at me, I am aware of the Venus Project, off the grid living, Earth Ships and a whole bunch more.

To me however whilst some “New Technologies” may significantly alter the way we live improving it across the board, it won’t really matter that much. Materially “things” might be a lot better for the developed world and hopefully then better for the planet. I can see that a lot of projects hold a lot of material benefit, locally grown food, management systems built for once for benefit rather than profit. Solar and wind technologies, magnetic machines and a whole bunch more.

But here is the thing.

We got to where we are today across the globe by the behaviours we have all exhibited thus far. Either in our lack of action, too much action, too much complacency, too much out sourcing what should be our responsibilities. Allowing those with other agendas to go to war, cause disruption in community and ramp up the “law” and “enforcement” that seems to surround so much.

So bring on a New World order, but are we truly ready?

Unless we all, individually and then collectively exhibit a completely different vibration of life itself, then what ultimately will be derived from a “New World”. If we take crime, deceit, greed, anger, power trips, Ego into this new world, then do we really achieve that much? New paint on the wall sure, but still the behaviour that got us all here.

So why did this article appear now? What’s the real point here?

Well how successful will any “New World” be if we take old behaviours into it? So when does the real change start to take place if not now?

Unless you decide today, to start your own life journey, and change behaviours with resolute steadfastness then we all contribute to the rot that surrounds today. Let alone making for a better environment for ourselves now and for our kids going forward. No amount of anything new will matter in any New World, if we don’t start today to change already the form that New World will take.

Today the Hate, the Ego’s, the Greed, the Deceit, the Lies, the Murder, the Rape, the Crime, has to start in a new way.

That way has to start with you, today.

It isn’t the fault of “them”, whoever you point the finger at. It is your fault; my fault and our fault that we are right here right now, warts and all, better or worse.

The New Way has to start with you, today.

This hard, never more real work, that isn’t at the feet of anyone else, but you individually.

Want a New World, a real new world, without locks on doors, without being scared to smile and say hi to a friend not made yet, where we live in care of each other? Where every member is valued, where we aren’t driven by Greed, where we aren’t trying to kill each other regardless of justification, And we truly are working in balance with Nature?

This has to start today.

It can only start today, or wait like it has forever, for tomorrow to get started.

Your Choice.


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