The same as learning how to ride a bike

The same as learning how to ride a bike

You trained your brain to learn things previously not known.

The left brain adapted itself and refocused to place being taught and learnt. And yet the part of you used to “live” in this place is just a tiny tiny part of who you really are.

So this new world, your awakened life must begin.

The right side, the connection to the divine, via the single eye, expands to much larger and larger outcomes. All things must be resolved, bought into balance. The left side quietened and made calm. For the language of the right cannot be expressed in the left. All things impossible at start are revealed and guided. Then spirit led all things are yet the same pathway in front, as skills and lessons mastered using the left.

Chasing what is not yet revealed using left, will never resolve. The entire experience not of this realm. It is not until the left is made calm, that the journey can begin. Knowing with the left is not the journey. Being taught in the right is.

Yet this path is narrow and not chosen by many. As is threading the needle, so this pathway must be.

For connected we all are, all things seen and unseen. Every thought recorded and affecting all in all realms. Every word causing vibration, creating the outcome sort. If negative the action, thought or deed, then negative the impact, far beyond the seen. And yet the path of the positive harder to walk, lift all those seen and unseen to new places of learning. What will your witness be?

The path is narrow. The keys that unlock are not hidden. They wait quietly for your discovery, without the noise of the rush in distraction.

When and if finally awake the choice to quieten and resolve can only be yours. Then the narrow path is guided in the light.


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