Connected in this place we all are

Connected in this place we all are

Atoms, of everything, making up everything links us together. Links the birds and trees to us. Links us to the water and light. Here in this place Atoms are reality. Atoms on the planet, atoms in space, throughout the Universe. Separation in fact from this impossible.

Your thoughts and actions have impact on us all, as we are all swimming in the same pond, as the physical life progresses.

Yet our “normal sense”, so limited, compare nothing to those connections in the spiritual realms. For we are all connected here, in a much larger way. For the creation of thought has impacts into all layers of the spiritual realm, with vastly greater positive effect for concerned there as well.

As you awaken, stomp not on the ideas of others. Encourage exploration and sharing. Decide deliberately so to make a difference. And especially so, leave a trail so others may learn from your investment and what is being revealed to you.

Linked, yes everything is, beyond where the eyes see today, we are. Decide to make an investment, as you walk through this place, passing on your discoveries to others as you go.


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