Mankind, the kindness of man

Mankind, the kindness of man

We have all we need. Our free will to act or not, to purchase anything, from these corporations corrupt. To turn on the noise of the world, the carefully orchestrated game, our decision to make. Forever to be distracted by a veil so so thin if you dare. Bound down by the law and governance, we are told we need.

We are taught greed and consumption, yet we are so so much more, if only brave enough to dare.

A human race it need not be, in fact quite the opposite it is supposed to be. Money does not make the world to go round.

Mankind, the kindness of man.

Hidden, by deceit, the truth is right before you. The real kindness of man is in your next thought or deed. Your freewill to put down the ego, pick up a listening ear and live out your life, without hurt or damage to others.

Even when becoming “awake” distraction becomes the order, only on a new level.

The only change that will come, desired by so many it seems, is the change in you right now in the moment.

This toxic consumptive world is in fact powered by you. You are acting out the programming so skilfully installed. Believing any alternative is a waste of your time. When in fact the opposite is true.

Will Ego, greed, distrust and hatred remain the prison that defines who you are?

In the next moment, will you decide, perhaps never have before, to be the kindness of man?



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