The window of Life

The window of Life

As born, you only had what you bought before. Life looking through a clean window, began.

Over time events started to fog the glass, sometimes causing mould to take hold. Those bad thoughts, what others said getting in too deep. Sadness, pain, hurt; almost now etching their own permanent place in the view.

Actually Love, joy, good times also affect the clarity and focus you manage through your window.

For both have blurred your vision of the world.

There you are, unless understanding revealed, trapped by living without knowledge of how cast of the world your view has become, how murky your view might be.

Once realized the cleaning can commence, but only once window understood.

But be ready, this work is for the sober, and once started cannot be undone. For once chipped away, new seeing, new understanding can’t be forgot.

But what is best preferred to live life, alive cleaning the window to see the world a new every day. Or to remain as many do, without any inclination of through what they see.


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