In those famous words that we all know so well, yet don’t spend the time we should thinking about them ….. “all we need is Love”.

Love of ourselves

Love for the quiet times, the time to go inside and just breath.

Love for our family and friends, without reservation, just because we choose to.

Love of our differences and the fantastic ways in which people see and process the world. (Some celebration of this wouldn’t go a miss either)

Love of our home, the only one we got, this place called Earth.

Love for our neighbourhood and community we live in.

Love of seeking and identifying the truth for you, even through all the noise and BS in the world today.

Love for those in need of help. Loving enough to actually help.

Love for nature, locally, in our community and out into the Universe.

Love of extending a helping hand, a kind smile in those moments in which they fit perfectly.

Love of putting positive energy into this place called home.

Love of helping to teach and show others how to put down the greed, the hate, the anger, and the EGO that drives so much, it seems.

Love of and for this gift called life.

A candle can never be held against this force, so massive, yet so gentle.

All, all we need is love.


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