Sun Glasses 2 of 3

Sun Glasses 2 of 3

So if all true, this pair I wear, then how do I go about knowing that they are even there? What are the layers that hold me so fast, which ones are mine, how do I break the cast?

Many will tell you what is right and wrong, that their way is the right and you are in the wrong. Yet even this interaction more layers are built, for if defensive you feel, more hardened layers are built.

Only you, at end of all, can reach up and feel the weight, grasp first understanding of the thickness worn. If interested you become, to begin to undo that which has been done.

Then you and only you can undertake the path to grab the first layer and carefully start to delayer the mask.

Why do you react to certain circumstances in the manner you do?

Why do certain experiences keep repeating themselves in your life again and again?

What example for learning revealed when annoyed at someone else?

Do you need to chase that “next” bigger, better brighter thing, really?

Why can you do something for yourself that you have put off for so long?

How much of what you do, you do to be “normal”?

Is money, where you really find happiness?

Ever felt something “missing” from your life?

Is fear a place now so comfortable that you can’t put it down?

What pain do you carry that holds you back?

Why do you ask what is wrong in the “they”?

Is the news really the news?

Where in your life are you being robbed of the things you most want to do and why?

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life and what is life’s purpose, your life’s purpose?

Until you choose to discover the answer to these and many other answers to the layers built to keep your eyes dark, then the light that abounds may never warm the heart. Not only your sun glasses intact, but the layers so sticky and dense, will remain your home until choice you have no more.

If you decide, gently you must go, for so long these glasses have tinted and shielded your eyes. Often deliberate in construction to keep the light from finding its mark. So long worn the frames, that attachment may have taken hold. Often painful therefore is the action of gently brushing aside.

And is the case will always be, this choice is yours alone, you must decide. To be lead and blinkered all of the life, or take hold, be brave and choose and decide.

These sun glasses, crafted so long ago, might just be an accessory in your life. To be told and programmed what to think, might not be your path, should in the case they go.

This path is narrow, not trodden by many, but to see the day, with eyes, ears, and a heart refreshed. No greater gift can be revealed.


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