Sun Glasses 1 of 3

Sun Glasses 2 of 3

When I look into the mirror, reflected the life shines. The same spark I see now in everyone I see, passing by. It glows so bright that sometimes it is hard to look.

Blinded for the moment by the brilliance of this gift of life, carried well or not by everyone.

Sometimes my breath is taken by this amazing gift, who’s possibilities are endless and are made or destroyed in the next moment, by decision taken in that time.

Why then, if this is an aspect of the truth, haven’t I been in this space I find myself now, since time in this life started for me, this time? Why then also aren’t all others also able to see, this dazzlingly intensity also?

For me, (and I suspect many others) it is because we were or are wearing Sun Glasses.

But these are no ordinary pair.

Carefully crafted these have been over many many centuries to ensure, for the most part, we (you and I) never understand that we wear such a pair. For these Sun Glasses are the works of master crafts men. They fit so snugly over the eyes, that tight is the fit around to the corner of the eyes and onto the cheek, so as to prevent all unwanted light from arriving home. Each pair tailored made to fit only you.

Layered, so, so thoroughly these sunglasses have been, that when all filters applied, it is if there is solid wax applied, covering not only sight, but hearing and other elements are so thoroughly dulled.

But how, how did this start might the question raised? For I feel not any such pair and my vision and grasp on the world has always been 20 20, I fair.

From even before the womb, you had a vision of the world, your view on reality. Then from the starters’ gun, a race you entered, to run for yourself, or so you thought. Yet even from the start layers were being applied to slow you down. To ensure you didn’t see the life that abounds.

Your parents’ experiences first shaped the frame, so lenses and filters applied by others could all enter the game. Outsourced to education systems, who’s agendas aren’t your own, with EGO’s inflated at every turn. Sometimes with religion applied, then greed, distrust, hatred, anger layered on thick. Desire for more, more money, more belongings, just more of everything further hardening the mould.

Additional filters you applied, by layering on responses from life’s “lessons” and “responses” you and you alone replied. The result so strong and complete, that, the unaware, your vision discoloured you have become. So tailored your pair, that yours are yours and yours alone, no two ever alike.

Yet fit into this carefully crafted view of the world you must, or risk failing in this race you might.

For many, these sun glasses so well-crafted to wear, they remained layered so deeply, your entire life you might remain unaware.


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