Some truths about our world

Some truths about our world

Social Media is not. We were meant to be in community with each other, not at the end of a keyboard, ranting and screaming because everyone else is crazy. Social Media is not.

It takes 12 calories of energy to place one food calorie in front of you. Global trade is toxic. Grow food, be in community in your area.

There is no “us” and “they”. There is only us, all us, that share this planet. If we (you) want change, then you need to make effort and become that change.

Endless consumption is madness. We only have one planet, not two, not three, not fifty upon which to draw. Live happier with less around you.

Dieting is nonsense. Your diet is what you eat, not something special you do. Not happy with who you appear to be, then change your diet, but don’t diet.

“The News”, well actually for the most part it isn’t. So why bother with it. Most of it is driven to someone else tune.

You know not when your life will end. Work out what is most important to you and as long as that isn’t hurting the planet, or others, get on with it.

Life is supposed to be taken in the “now”. Not what someone else would have you distracted with.

My home is yours, for we have but one home, this place we call Earth.

Fluoride and Chlorine in the water are both poisons.

Most of what we are told is food, isn’t.

The quality and success of my life has nothing to do with what I own or have earned, or have or will have in the future.

Money is a lie. One if not THE biggest distractions around. Humans are the only species on the planet that pay to live. Think about it.

If you let your EGO rule, then madness in behaviour isn’t far behind.



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