Such beauty, such promise

Such beauty, such promise

A tipping point, due any day, is before this place we call home.

Money, the way we are told we have to transact – rotten to the core. No value anywhere, just a game of lights and trickery.

Fossil fuel consumption, the bell curve already long peaked. The creation of the massive population explosion. A natural culling about to occur, the game almost ended now.

Fukushima. on the sharpest of edges now, about to destroy the planet it is. At least the Pacific Ocean already dead.

Economics – this is BS! It is not about Economic anything, it is about consumption.

Politics and the corporate world. Nothing relevant to find if explored.

Media, persuasive, everywhere, at all times. But never anything of substance.

Our home. About to go into an ice age we are. Our home cleaning itself from all our destruction. The elevator that keeps us warm, stopping now, a restart not known.

Millions / Billions about to perish, the path set from time not that long ago.

Where, where might an answer be inside this crazed, madness that abounds?

Inside you, when you face yourself honestly, through your own pain, your own anger, hating, cheating, lying, is the largest most unstoppable force the world has ever known.

The answers to the worlds issues, your issues for we have but one home, is a mantle for you to pick up.

Freely you can choose, choose to start making the difference, the difference that heals, that empowers, that brings the change you are seeking.

The action is not external to you, it is you internally. You are the change!



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