So the signs, where are the signs?

So the signs, where are the signs?

Where is this path that seems forever hidden from me? How should I get started if this walk is indeed mine to journey?

Contained in your smile.

Those guiding voices that everyone should listen to. Those that are constantly with you if you learn to listen and pay attention.

That bird on the wing you noticed just for a second, whilst so busy with life you were.

It’s in noticing the breeze that sometimes brushes your face.

The rain drop and smell of fresh rain, in the dancing in the rain, instead of feeling disheartened at its arrival.

It’s in being able to stand away, slightly removed from what goes on around you, so you can consider what is being taught in that moment, rather than react from habits learnt.

It’s in deliberately creating moments to be quite, go inside yourself and listen to what life is really trying to teach you.

It’s in finding out who you are and what you are, not following the crowd.

Turn off all the noise and listen, just listen.

The gateway is in putting down your EGO for it often destroys all, all that was given from the start.


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