Human beings – really?

Human beings – really?

We: allow all forms of media into our lives, sometimes even without thought. (yes even this one)

Get stressed and angry at things that shouldn’t trigger

Get sucked into a system that takes over our lives, often it seems without choice.

Outsource the education of our kids to those that might not have their best interests at heart.

Think that wisdom is knowledge, without understanding that wisdom is knowledge applied.

Fill to overflowing our lives with the worlds mess.

Try to think our way through and out of everything.

Constantly consume, consume like all resource is endless.

Maybe from this position we should instead be called Human Doings, for that it seems is all we have really become. Is being a Human doing all one can achieve, really?

And yet maybe there is a flip side to this life, called a Human Being.

We might:

• Turn off the world, go inside and meditate, without complication.
• Learn first to know what it is to know you.
• Become the observer of your life, rather than the do’er of your life.
• Put down all the anger, hate, and hustle and bustle others would distract with.
• Learn instead to enjoy the wind on the face, the sunrise each day a new. The warmth of summer and chill of winter.
• Decide to help and listen rather than judge and dismiss.
• Learn to let go and just be, without thought or law or rule.
• Spend time to get reconnected to nature, if only for brief periods at the start.


The choice, your choice and yours alone. Would you rather the label of a Human Doing, or Human Being?

For me now, there is no choice.


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