Pollution it surrounds, so toxic and yet so subtle it consumes all about

Pollution it surrounds, so toxic and yet so subtle it consumes all about

For even this ode, noise it adds. Yet, without moments of silence, of collection, the noise so loud will consume all.

So to write from time to time feels so right.

This thing called life so, so close it remains. Yet even in that space, the world has crammed so much in. Crammed so tight to ensure, always distracted you will remain. Your

Ego pumped and fed kept so full, it seems enough is never so.

Constantly feeding upon the news of the world. The fashion, the music, the conspiracy and even latest craze of enlightenment. All, all for the distraction to keep you removed from you true life.

All the star dust kept constantly in flow, to ensure distracted you’ll remain so. Never to stop and consider who you really are and all you already have, from first breathe drawn.

From first breathe drawn, you have all you need. Returning home never more distant than the next choice made.

Turn off the noise, even posts thus. Turn off all the hate, anger, close the taps that pours into the EGO, for “mine” was never truly so.

Learn to listen, first to yourself. Go inside reflect upon the moments that life provides. Listen then to the flow that surrounds, carefully planned your journey abounds. Listen then to your family and friends. There to honour and teach you all needed from the start.

Listen to the silence for it teaches from love, love that knows no end. The love of work and journey that can be the only path.

Turn it all off, all that noise, for at end of all, distracted is no place to be.

Time is short, your end never known before. Yet if remaining in the noise remained, your entire life a waste it might be.

Turn off the noise, yes including this post and just listen, listen to all given at first breathe for you have all you need.

Listen ……..


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