Our Future

Our Future

So, for those that have done some research, this will ring an accord. If not, then please feel free to ask.

An Ice Age has been created coming now, from the reflection that is global warming. For the conveyor that is the Atlantic’s warm current, comes to a stop. This caused by Iceland’s melt and increased rivers flows in the area, have pushed fresh (not salt) water into the ocean in huge quantities. No current – then no conveyor, then move quickly into ice age. Ice for England, most of northern Europe and beyond.

The Pacific ocean, dying, dying for hundreds if not thousands of years. Nuclear waster still pouring into Japans end of the sea. No end in sight.

Geo engineering the climate. Been going on for too long. All without consult or consent.

Pollution, toxic waste, production of “consumable” (use once throw away) products ever increasing.

Legal system sheer madness.

The distrust building and being injected with more. Personally, nationally and internationally.

Pressure mounting all things closing in. The world seemingly going crazy, right before.

And yet, yet the one thing we come here for still remains.

To take from this life time the experiences you planned too well before your arrival. To go inside and learn, learn deeply that which you contracted to do. To be guided with so much love along the path you chose.

How do we then take back the control, begin to live well on this place called home?

Meditation is THE KEY. So simple and pure. Given freely the right to return home. Taken from you, only because permission you gave.

Then so simple and strong. Try to remain in the moment you must, with EGO rained in.

For when all other noise is turned off, the world blocked from getting in. For when all else examined, these two things will always remain


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