Life, the gift given, so pure the gift

Life, the gift given, so pure the gift

Yet distracted from the start we are programmed. Be busy here; study this push yourself above for that.

Pressure seemingly enormous in this world. The mortgage, the rent, and the job someone else is trying to take. The hate, the aggression, the food toxic, the water bad, the skies burning, news focused solely on the bad, the distrust pandemic, the crime, the anger, oh the pressure.

And yet the gift given remains.

All, all others would have you distracted. But the choice to disconnect and refocus remains yours. No one can take it away from you. All they can hope to do is to keep you distracted.

Unplug yourself, breathe, and remember for you do know, how to enjoy the incredible gift, this gift called Life.

So so precious the gift, yet for most it seems, remains forgotten.


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