The human race – really?

The human race - really?

Who said it has to be so?

We are taught from oh such a young age that leading the race is the only place to be. First in class academically, to infer standing above the others around. First in sports, as we all know second is the first loser. First to work to exceed and command. First to grab the last seat spare. To first to lock up and hide in secret all things that will to dust turn.

First to take that career, which ultimately leads to life on a treadmill, so toxic to the core.

Programmed we all are, or have been, for the casting of the spell starts oh so early on. For truly that is what “spelling” is.

At the very start, do we really need to be the Human Race? The mouse running endless on the wheel. Do what end, or who’s agenda are we racing?, surly not our own.

Why can’t we be just “humans”

Those that are filled with compassion, those who have decided to put down the aggression and hate. Those that instead choose to help and assist. With journeys of self discovery stretched out before. Those who have decided not to be distracted by the millions of “other agendas” all designed to distract and rob. Those that will lend a hand and help those around, not looking for reward.

The Human Race really? Is this the best we can hope to be?

The issue of change is with you and me.

The Human Race, really the best we can be?


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