In its worse state our separative styled lifestyle has us all separated from nature, our home, The Planet.

Down through the levels of separation we endure, unnoticed it seems to most, we “separate” ourselves everywhere. So normal and yet so not.

We let others ship food towards us, we live in chemically based worlds, where everything plastic abounds.

We need others to talk to each other (madness), often using “The Authorities”, where they need not have any business at all.

We are governed at every level by “The Law”, the most toxic and dehumanising madness ever defined. By those actually that were deliberately banned from society, exiled to live outside where the Humans were living. (as “people” is a legal term, a further degree of separation from who we really are)

Everything is outsourced, our children’s education, what we are told “success” is, the bulk of the time of our lives. The supply of everything needed to live. The global “economy” hums (which it is not), supplying us all degree of “everything we need”. Samara reigns at every turn.

Entertainment is pumped, at great rates towards us, now more than yesterday, tomorrow even more.

Corporations (whatever they are) telling us every way to think for ourselves, what products to buy, and be seen with. With agendas beyond madness.

Please consider, for yourself, above all, how to decrease the level of separation in your life.

Learning how to live not as a person, but as a human (a living being) connected to your environment.

Taking care to live simply, with an open heart and love, in community with your family and friends.

(if you dare look you’ll be amazed at where you can make simple changes, that bring great positive changes for yourself, family and friends)


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