Sun Glasses 3 of 3

Sun Glasses 2 of 3

So why then would anyone bother to take of these shields, this mask covering the face? If indeed it is mostly a journey of pain, gently scraping back the layers that have almost become cast as if clay, why?

Because this gift called life, should never be wasted. Only taking on board others thoughts, those of the media, those of your parents, teachers and friends, can be extremely limiting. And guess what none of these are actually yours. They are only a base formed in your mind, about what the truth is for you.

Heavily influenced by everything you may have let in over time. Is the best you aspire to achieve only that which others would have you fit, for their agenda?

Rather would you challenge yourself to begin to see the world anew through your eyes. Your eyes, that with every layer pulled back, will see the world, your new world, in a totally unique way.

For you know not what adventure learnings and new understanding’s await. What you might learn about yourself, your thoughts and desires that might change your world forever. How just wrong some of those messages are today, and how they have skewed your vision of the truth.

Will you let only those external distractions be the method by which the cast has set for you?

What adventure might await, if you are indeed brave enough to step back and begin the destruction of your sun glasses?

For it is you and only you that can take that journey. That special one that has been waiting, thus far, for all of your life to begin.

The decision can only be yours and yours alone.


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