To all Soldiers, Law Enforcement Officers

To all Soldiers, Law Enforcement Officers

Who do you represent? (seems more and more, that it is not the people, if not then who?)

Who dictates your “duties” and why? (what do they tell you are your duties, is it still about keeping the public safe or not? Or is it about money?)

Is what you are being asked to do today, is it still in line with why you joined, from the start? (really)

Why does Law Enforcement need to be “forced” at all?

This community we call ours. (Regardless of its location)

We all have family and loved ones. (The same as you)

We all have friends. (The same as you)

We are all trying to get by, earning a living to stay alive. (The same as you)

We all work in this single community we all call home. (The same as you)

Your home comes from our home, for we all live in the same place. (The same as you)

Some of us all, don’t want to be doing what we do for a living, but have to do something to pay the bills. (The same as you)

For the most part all folk of this species we call Human, are exactly the same.

The only difference between you and me is what you have chosen to do for a job. And now how you are being asked to execute it. This and only this is the difference, betweenus, all of us.

For we all (including you) are the only species on the planet paying to live. And where at end of all, exactly does all this money flow?


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