The song of your life

The song of your life

So as we grow up, my view of the world says that we are educated around three main topics, EGO, Fear and Greed.

You wanted to be on the winning team – EGO. You must be seen with the “A” Crowd – EGO. What you say is right, damn the rest – EGO. You must have more than the person beside you – Greed.

You need a fantastic career to earn lots of money – Greed. Don’t share anything with anyone Fear. Lock all you doors and windows – Fear. Hopefully my point made.

But let’s stop to consider for a moment. How many keys on a piano does it take to make music? The answer 88. So what has my life got to do with a piano keyboard, come on?

Well if you only have, or have used the three main keys on the keyboard to “play” out your life, how limited might your song be? Is everything you do or how you function only driven out of these three keys – Ego Greed and Fear?

What sort of music can anyone make with just three notes? How limited might your life experience be if you never come from a place, in everything you do than just three keys.

We are leaving 85 keys completely unused throughout all of your life.

How much richer your song be, if more keys used to play out your life?

How much more the joy, the reward, if you dared to learn how to play all the keys and with practice played a beautiful tune. How boring would the three keys seem then?

If opportunity taken what might some of the other notes be called in your life? (You’ve got plenty of scope, with 85 remaining notes to be played. Let alone how your song might be composed)

Friendship, Love, Caring, Support, Education, Friendship, Compassion, Sharing, Giving, Listening, Family, passion, Learning, Meditation, Spirituality.

I can think of many such labels to attach to the other notes. What others might you do the same?

How much more beautiful your song might become, if all keys are labelled and used to create the symphony of your life, in a way only you can. How limited the life with only three keys played?

The next time we see a musical instrument, from now on, let it remind us all of our own lives and the notes we are playing. Even how much better the music if we learned to play together?

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