The decision is yours, as it always has been

The decision is yours, as it always has been

Today it is your decision that matters. Life is yours and it is up to you, can only rest on you, to live it the way you want. (As long as you aren’t hurting others or the planet)

On the surface there are many layers waiting, none however, more or less important than any other. But perhaps THE single most point is that all of us can make life changing decisions regardless of the level, in the very next moment. It is you and what you do that matters the most, in the next tic of the clock.

You are free to choose your next step, in the very next second of time.

Again and again until your end you are offered the freedom to choose. Will you, in the very next second, having read this post:

Take advantage of someone else?

Do something born of your own fears or to strike out in fear?

Lash out with the tongue to hurt or cut down?

Ignore (again) those things you “know” needs to be done or what is right?

Open your mouth to “have your own way”, instead of listening first where the real learning is?

Continue to live without care for our home?

Or might you take a chance, perhaps to do something not normal before, and decide:

To reach out a hand to someone else.

To let someone else in to share and support.

To listen, really listen to the point of views of others.

To help, by perhaps just opening the door.

To smile at someone, just because you can.

Not to live in such a resource hungry way.

The choice, your choice, waits in just the next tick of the clock, for you to decide.

Never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them up.

Live better on the planet, consuming less than the day before.

Regardless of your “standing” in society, none higher or lower than you have any more or less power than you to decide.

Yours this will always be, but it is you that must decide..


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