The gifts given without price. Yours to use or discard

The gifts given without price. Yours to use or discard

All, each and every one has the same. All that is needed. Never can be taken from you.

The ability to dream, learn, discover, use your child like intrigue to expand your world. Invest in helping others to make discovery.

Caring or just reaching out to those that are part of your life. Family friends and those that come and go as life.

Be in fantasy having fun with your life for it is yours to do with what you like. Smile, hold that special glint in the eye, sparkle, shine.

What of these gifts given right from the start? Why packed away, put down to become “an adult” programmed thus? Why then stored dusty at the back, weighted down heavily from above, nearly crushed under the weight? It’s your choice to dust off, unpack and let the light shine again from that innocent heart.

Love, may you fall deeply. Love with passion, all you have. For another individual (never take for granted). Love your hobby, your passion that special place only you can find for yourself. Love, Love deeply, hold nothing back, not a single fibre in reserve.

Discover, without distraction, discover who you are. Be brave, flinch not to left or right. For what other reason have you come? Scared, frightened, judgement, why these prisons made or dragged along? Pause long enough to learn from the reflection that is you, without judgement. Just be.

The world is, and has always been yours. You have all necessary to explore, feel, share, cry and laugh and hug regardless of your circumstance, place or age. You deserve the privilege to expand thus.

For no one, not a single soul can remove a thing unless choice you make.

The gifts given are yours. Choose wisely how you apply them. But most importantly of all choose, don’t waste.


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