The Truth

The Truth

On the surface perhaps an easy answer can be given. What is “The Truth”?

For the simple things, the Truth seems an easy thing to get one’s mind around. The Sun is a star really close that keeps our corner of the Universe warm. Clean Water is good for you. Good natural food, the same.

I see so many folk telling me that they also have “The Truth”, and are only too happy to let me know that their version, has to be right for me also.

Which country was right or wrong.

This and that are False flag events or not.

This drug, made by a profit making company, is better than the rest.

Vaccines – the same.

Speed kills.

Money makes the world go around.

Killing in war, is different than murder.

God will save us.

My religion is “the one”, it has to be your one also.

Light speed is constant.

The Universe is empty space.

How I bring up my kids is the correct way.

Many will rush forward, with good intent, to let me know what and how I should think.

When I look back at my own life, what was the Truth, in that moment, rock solid steadfast, never to be altered? Has now melted to a point where not one part remains.

“The Truth” for me today, is that along as your actions aren’t hurting anyone else and or the environment then get on with it. For as much as my Truth has changed many times during my life. Who am I to tell you what your Truth must be.

We are all travelers on discovery journeys, each uniquely discovering and experiencing our version of “The Truth” as we travel. The art it seems to me is not interfering with another’s journey, unless asked directly. Then and with great care, ideas about “Our Truth” or “Your Truth” can be explored.

As long as your actions or your path isn’t hurting others, then remain steadfast with the version of the Truth you hold today.

Your Truth is important, for it is a version that is probably unique on the world. Test it, try it on for size, wear it for a while, put it down, change it if need be.

But be careful that Ego doesn’t have you run over another’s version, just because “yours’s is right”. For tomorrow yours might change also.

“My Truth” today is that there are as many versions of it as there are people. Each being experienced by that individual, in the moment of today.

“The moment of Truth”, here this instant, perhaps gone in the next.


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