A walk in the sand

A walk in the sand

Life is like a day at the beach. White sands, peaceful, waves caressing gently the shore. Barefoot, sand wet and cool between the toes. No one around, all to yourself, you are.

Light wind on the cheek, sun warm on the face, clouds drifting peacefully by. Into this world, born you are. Naked, full of promise, open and fresh totally the mind.

The beach full of grains of sand, to be walked sometimes in a rush, sometimes with distraction abound and sometimes actually not at all. For Fear, Doubt, Bad Self-Thought and Ego arrives all too quick to slow and bind.

But on the beach you stand.

As each life ebbs and flows, it is where the attention goes, that makes or wastes this thing called life.

If attention is grabbed by each grain before step taken, then bogged down the life will remain. For each grain is all those things that distract. Jealously, Hate, Anger, Lust,

Greed, all easy marks. Let alone all manner of self-lesson learnt. To protect yourself from the learning’s of Life. Tried that once and it hurt, so never again I’ll remain.

For those that choose to walk, upright and open, honest and brave, it’s not the grains that distract. For as the walk is taken, gem stones rise above the sand. Yet these too at first can distract and slow down just the same.

For those that chose then to move and keep moving on.

The sand disappears over time, with path narrowed each day. Until only nuggets of gold remain day by day. These learning’s of life whilst narrowing the path, expand it so that vast is the view.

Sand now forgotten, wings spreading vast, a real life is walked on a very narrow path.

Eyes open beyond horizon you see, day by day bravely choosing to remain free.

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