Deep in your subconscious programmed it has been, to continually strive, to purchase, to have and strive and to be seen.

Yet stolen I declare this word to be, replaced by a thirst so toxic. Placed onto a wheel, without end you have been.

There is no end to this hypnotism my friend, just running and climbing more and more and more.


But what of a life empowered in ways quiet reversed, where material things are the worst. What better the life considered thus, might burst forth.

For redefined examined deeply so, maybe success is yours to refined, just because you choose to make it so.

What of fun and laughter, where might these rank on a list.

Investing time, maybe your entire life, just to love one’s self.

Being comfortable, honest and open with family and friends. Who said these couldn’t be part of your plan?

Reaching out and simply lending a hand. So simple the investment, yet helping others maybe number one on the list, this should be.

Success needs claiming back, a personal trip it must be.

Drop all the programming, rest and be.

Make the choices for you, to start your own life. Be free of this nonsense of “success” that the world sees.



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