The three L’s


A gift given freely, yet never a value can be applied, for priceless it is at every turn. Often, most often it seems, taken for granted and dismissed without a thought. Yours to do with where ever you’re are brave enough to let it take you. Waste not a drop of this precious stream. Drink it all in each little drop.
Respect life abundant all around, for god you shouldn’t play, with those you found.


With passion. Love your life, celebrate every moment. Regret none. Commit to yourself first; love yourself deeply, before all. Then with all you are, love deeply those in your life.

Honour them, embrace them, love them, with all you have.

If a partner crosses your path, souls entwined in a beautiful dance, fall without reserve. Just let go, drink in every drop. Immerse yourself with all you have.


Perhaps above all, learn how to listen. With quiet mouth, lips tightly shut. For in listening to nature and others around, are where life’s greatest gifts are to be found. Often with Ego engaged, comes your response to destroy the day.

Listen deeply without reserve, honouring all in your life, with all you have. For in those moments, each and every one, life is trying to teach you something if you’ll just give it your time.

Above all – listen, quietly listen to all around.


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