Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s)

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's)

Unlike the current and vastly more published meaning of this term. What the world doesn’t realise is that unlike Iraq and others we were told had them. It is my belief that everyone has Weapons of Mass Destruction.

In fact actually we all have Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Right at our fingertips, in the very next decision we make, our Weapons of Mass Destruction, a force much greater than any opposing foe can make.

Gary’s list of WMD’s

A pencil or pen: What you write matters, it matters a lot.

Your keyboard: Accessing the world directly with your words and thoughts.

Your Smart Phone / Tablet: Perhaps the most scary of all. (see Footnote)

Your mouth: With or without brain engaged.

Your mind: The single most powerful WMD of all.

All of these can be used to destroy.

• Destroy family, friends, relationship, and opportunity.

• Increase and add to the hate, anger, aggression and separation, it seems increasing daily around us.

• Tear down another

Equally however these WMD’s can be used to create and add positively to the world also.

Your words and thoughts via your pen, pencil, keyboard or smart phone or even in person matter either way. More so in fact, I believe, if you are choosing to use your time and energy to build up others.

It all depends upon the choices you are making today and how you are choosing to conduct yourself.

Will you build up or tear down in your next action?

What’s required is no distraction. Being entirely present and in the moment. Paying attention to what you say, how you are saying it and why. (a lot of hard reflective work actually) But it is as far away as your next breath.


Footnote: So why are the Smart Phone or Tablet devices perhaps the most dangerous? These are often used in times of compressed time, when time is short, or distraction levels are high. Before “the next thing” happens you must just get that reply sent, right? You are rushed often saying not really what you meant, or in fact saying completely the wrong thing. PDA’s maybe one of the most dangerous WMD’s there are.


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