We are all so different right?

We are all so different right?

Different skin colours, different thinking about life, different life styles, different likes and dislikes. Seemingly so different yet when considered thus is this really the case?

Don’t we all want to be loved, understood, heard, valued? Don’t we all want a shoulder to lean on when needed? Don’t we all need to be warm, be fed, have food and good water to drink?

Don’t we all need a clean home to live in and on, this place called Earth. Don’t we all have family, parents, grandparents? Don’t we all have folk we find inspirational?

At these levels how different are we all, really? I can see no difference in any of us anywhere, when investigated.

So what drives the perception that we are, I am unique? That my way is “the right way”, my truth “the truth”, just where is the division between us take hold?

It is in the hurt you take on when you need not. It is in allowing your Ego to rage unchecked. It is in your perceived need to do “whatever”, when in suffering. Its in your thinking about the “I” that is you. It’s in the fear carried for no good reason.

We all have the right and choice to create community, not division, in the very next second.

Given all we have in common, need we (you and I) continue to create division?, or acknowledge that we are in fact empowered in the very next second to create community rather than division.

Need we need to remain so different, really?


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