Can you put down the Ego?

For it drives so much of me, my way, I am right, for what? It isolates, drives division and traps you to ever consume, from just a single resource, this place called Earth. The further apart driven to be, the further isolated you become. The further away from the purposes of sharing, caring, to learn from the community your home, supposed to be.

The souls, your soul when all else dimmed away, cares not for the desire of the Ego. It waits clouded from view, for a chance, just one, to shine through. To dim the noise of the conscious and drive agendas so pure.

Can you really put down and leave behind the Ego?

For on the other side is community, a hand stretched out to support and care. A shoulder to lean on, when times of support required. A place of allowing the spirit, the very core of the soul to take flight, into realms just as yet unseen, but not so far removed.

Is the life, the community built when all considered really the best we can all do?

Take up a challenge today to put down you’re the things that bind and build division, forward into a community driven by passion and compassion to strive for all we can, when all programming lost. Learning to listen without need of begin heard.

Really can you?

For the road is not easy, few choose this path. Steadfast you must remain, to endure through all.


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