For the winds of change, they blow

For the winds of change, they blow

For the winds of change, they blow

Coming, they are sweeping before all, leaving behind a world so removed from now, that many will fail. Those so caught in today’s that unable to handle the new they will be.

This new world will look and manage itself totally different than the chaos of today. Gone will be money, the corporation buried in its toxic waste pile. Replaced instead with community, connection again with the Earth.

Exciting these times are if yourself you have nurtured. For it is only through your own self investment will, prepared you will be. This continuous work on going throughout.

Before all the wind comes, within you is the pillar of life that stands strong, learning to trust to not be fooled by the chaos.

This new place will look nothing like today’s. Ready you must be to stand in it, or not, as this choice is yours to take or not.

The next second before no more important than the one past, or the one coming.

You in this one is that which matters.


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