To be Economic or Economical

To be Economic or Economical

In many places I look these words are being redefined to directly relate to money. And are now (seemingly) being taught to our kids this way.
ec·o·nom·i·cal (ĕk′ə-nŏm′ĭ-kəl, ē′kə-)

1. Designed or functioning to make effective use of money or effort invested: an economical heating system; an economical approach to control of corporate growth.

2. Prudent and thrifty in management; not wasteful or extravagant. See Synonyms at sparing.

3. Sparing in the amount of items involved to achieve a desired result: – The same

To be economical, used to mean the Prudent, thrifty part.; Then going into implying effective efficient use of resources. Going one step further moving away from consumption, consumption and more endless consumption.

Instead it is being swapped for definitions about money.

If change is what folk want, then change has to start at the individual level. Being economical, implies being responsible for the planet and ourselves, moving away from consumption based thinking.

Moving away from cheaply made goods, consuming (regardless of the cost) purely for pleasure based thinking.

With these words now being stolen, there is no “Economy” at any level (for the true meaning of the word), there is only consumption.

And yet we still get angry at our leaders, for things inside our own control.


[PS: When we spend on special deals offered, we don’t “save” anything. All we are doing is purchasing at a reduced price. You are still spending money, “saving” in fact nothing]

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