My World

No Money.


  • Food, everywhere grows what they can. Collectively, using as much green tech as possible. Those unable to support themselves either move or get supplied. Locally, locally is the key.
  • Medical: Mainly natural thanks. But when needed as high tech as possible.
  • Valued: Experience, collective knowledge, individual thought, all the learning literally being buried with our old folk.
  • Production: Rule No1: As naturally as possible. No2: Built to last. No3: Replacement / upgrade everything.
  • Values: Trust, Honesty.
  • Accommodation. Underground where possible. Naturally warm in winter, naturally cool in summer.
  • Plastic: No Thanks.
  • Religion: The Same.
  • War: Obsolete.
  • Countries gone. Cultural centers defined to replace. But no borders thanks.
  • Science maintained, but merged with Art and Spiritual endeavours. Certainly not held as “the answer”.
  • Lawyers, law enforcement, no thanks
  • Giving more cherished than receiving.


This list goes on ……..


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