Can I change the world?

To even think about this question might bring to mind the likes of Martin Luther King, Gandhi and a host of other famous names. Completely normal of course as these have been the principle heroes of change in modern times.

But zooming right in onto the smallest aspects of change for a moment. Provides scale to how vast and yet small it is the same moment of time.

Who you talked to yesterday and might today changes everything. Where you slept and for how long, changed the world around you. What you purchased or didn’t changed the world.


Because of all the possibilities of what you can do in any moment of time you decided to do what you did, in spite of all other possibility in that moment.

Because you talked to those people their day and yours was changed. They had different thoughts and did something different because of it.

You went to bed early, got up early, had breakfast at a different time, or not. These things all changed your life forever. As a result were you early to the train or late? Had to rush to get somewhere or was able to relax and enjoy the ride?

Where you spent your money and upon what changed not only you but all those people involved in the delivery of that product into your hand. Equally if you decided not to purchase, things changed forever in another direction.

Just take a moment to pause and reflect upon all this creation you are doing and the billions of possibilities that are offered throughout our lives.

All this change bought about by you and your choices and resulting actions, conscious or not.

Change is therefore everywhere in every moment. The difference between our “heroes” and most others. They became aware of what focus and intent could do. Not more not less. Just the act of being aware that could choose and remain focused on that choice if they so desired.

So in fact, everyone is changing the world each day in their own way. Just for the most part unaware of the power, most are.

So it is our choices that make the wold around us.

Once we become aware, how different our lives become.

So now with the world changed around us all, perhaps forever more. What change, what investment will you make to build a place that is better than what we had before?

Being kind, considerate, helping out, listening, laughing with and for others, changes everything forever. Like it or not you are changing everything around all the time by your choice.

The only real challenge: Will you become aware of your choices or not?

Yours to decide.

Then, will those choices build up yourself and those around you?

Or will they pull down and destroy?

You can decide to create a better world for yourself and everyone around you.

Can I change the world? You are doing it all the time.


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