Now the spot light turns

Now the spot light turns

Much is changing around us. What was “normal” yesterday perhaps less so now than it ever was. Families impacted, communities separated from each other.

The bright lights shining upon the “important things of Life” now dimming rapidly.

What the movie star said or got caught doing not so important today.

Which political party caused what, hardly relevant anymore.

Which sports person or team doing what, that I just “have to know about”, but a glimmer of former glory.

Measuring someone’s “worth or value”, upon what they own and have, proving not true.

What the spokesperson of a religious group has said.

All those “must have” products and services, quickly fading behind us all.

The convenience, and all its associated costs and impacts we were sold, now revealed for the falseness it always was. The price for this convenience always was too high.

The media now instead driving but one message, one focus on fear.

As this global change, only now starting to really impact all of our lives, has changed already everything we conveniently took to be “normal”.

Where now does that spotlight turn? What shining light can we look towards for our stability?

Now it begins to shine brightly on what was, has been and will always be, the most important challenges faced by humanity throughout time.

It falls now on us, the you and I, of us.

How will we (you) treat each other in hard times?

Will we wake up each new day to bring compassion and understanding, or hate, fear or violence?

Will we take the time to build neighbourhoods and social groups to support each other? Will we decide to help those in need around us, or close our doors and pull down the blinds?

Will we take care to grow food that is good for us, locally?

Will we stop consuming like there is no tomorrow?

Will we help support those who importance had been pushed into the background? Those that keep the lights on. The primary producers. Those supporting the elderly and keeping our hospitals functioning. Those bringing essential services to us all.

The thin veil of “global economies”, the real cost of living in a “convenient world” and all the noise spewing towards us, has been revealed for what is all really is.

Now the spotlight turns upon you. Brightly lit you’ll stand on the stage and judge yourself for how well you act. How positive the decisions taken for those around you.

Will you remain blinded by the bright lights of yesterday, or choose now a different path?

History will record how we all behaved as we charge today into the unknown. It will be the holder of the truth for those to study and ponder over, at a broad level.

You will know the role you played positive or negative personally.

Use this time to study. Go inside with the intent to do better.

This ride called Life is terminal. No one gets out alive.

But it is how you rode the ride, the actions and decisions you take, that will make all the difference.



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