What, what really does it mean to profit?

What, what really does it mean to profit?

The word profit has been stolen, redefined in fact. Its current definition probably almost always brings thoughts of course, of money or gold. For isn’t “profit” perhaps only the only thing about money that keeps it at the fore. Yet, money itself is worthless. It has value only if we let it.

We never save a thing by spending it; we simply don’t spend as much. There is no saving, when spending. Another redefinition that has been stolen some time ago.

We “profit” from a money perspective to then in turn just spend again. A wheel with no end, sheer madness.

What is it to truly profit from something?

Do we really have any time to “profit” and be “successful” according to the modern world’s definition?

Profit means for me at least, taking a learning (or many) from experiences, fun and the pain, as we travel. From these things can I truly profit.

To make one more compassionate, with more gentle hand extended. To bring deeper understanding about the environment, our friends and family, these are the things we should be seeking.

In which bank are we really making investment as we go?


(what triggered these thoughts? Watching a couple of disaster vid’s, watching people put down material procession to run towards family, warmth, food and most of all love and compassion. For when all else taken away, it is these things that truly matter. For when all material stripped barren, the veil of money based profit is torn apart, in but the tick of the clock)

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