There is a path that each life takes.

There is a path that each life takes.

A scared precious path that is walked by us all. Individually the path must be taken. Sometimes with the help of family and friends sometimes without. Long or short, fair or not, each path is for us.

Brave we must be to decide what is right for us, for me, for you. For sometimes choices aren’t easy. Being true to yourself perhaps even more.

Take as much joy as possible as you travel. Smile and laugh as much as you can. Take the time to extend you hand in friendship. To extend your love to that person beside you.

Pay attention, in every moment for what you are here to learn. Pay steadfast attention, for you know not when your journey may end. Waste not a tick.

Above all Love. Love the love, the joy and more. And love the gifts all of them, painful as well that good, for they all part of your walk, given for the richness of your entire journey.

Without the light there cannot be the dark. Without the pain, joy would mean naught.

Love, love the journey who’s reflection is yours.

Be a witness to life, witness it all.


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